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We fully understand that you need the translated file as soon as possible. However, the best way to get the best quality offering from us is to make the arrangement as earlier as possible. You ought to contact us and provide us with your files in advance. The time for translation depends on the technical difficulty and the length of file. The type of language involved also counts. Service for hot languages such as English, Japanese, etc., may be submitted in a short time since we have large quantity in the talent base and are experienced in the technical aspect. But the submission for other rare languages might take more time. The normal workload for translation is 1500-3000 Chinese characters. It also take time for proofreading, revision by customer, amendment, editorial work, delivery, and other relative procedures.

Detailed background and utilization for the intended file should be identified so as to facilitate the translator to achieve balance of linguistic and cultural backdrop. When demanding quotation from us, the finalized original file should be provided with other auxiliary materials (e.g. files translated in the past, vocabulary, referential files and manuals), esp. for the files of very specialized technologies. The clearer you make the intended file, the higher quality submission we can deliver. 


Our company is operated within the allowance stipulated in laws and regulations of P. R. China. We are only responsible for the veracity of translation itself, other than any legal, economic and other duties resulted from utilization of our service. We only translate the file with its copyright and translation right full owned by the customer. Unclear files will not be accepted for translation and proofreading in any form. The original file will be used as the only legal criteria. We reserve the full copyright for the translated file, which shall not be used in any form without our written approval. We bear no responsibility resulted from copying, transmitting, excerpting and revising of the translated file and reserve the right to prosecute against such action.


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