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Quality System

To protect customers' interests and to improve the service quality, HotLan clarifies the service requirements by establishing a set of business standards, demanding every employee to assume the responsibility of controlling the translation quality and to provide customers with first-class services.

Service Requirements
A. Business reception
a) Advisory services with activeness, passion, patience and great care.
b) Keep information confidential for customers to ensure their rights.
c) To handle the business flow chart with accuracy.
B. Prompt Delivery
a) No excuse for delay of document delivery;
b) Customer decides the delivery and payment methods.

Technical Requirements
A. serious error (frequency: 0)
a) Omission or error in some important chapters or sentences;
b) Mistranslation of technical vocabularies;
c) Mistakes resulting from misunderstanding;
d) Special terms not translated as required by practice or the project's special vocabulary;
e) Mistakes in important figures or charts
B. relatively serious error (frequency: 1/3000)
a) Mistakes in non-key paragraphs or sentences;
b) Spelling or wording not consistent in the context;
c) Grammatical errors;
d) Improper usage of idioms.


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